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2015.05.18 06:00

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Pro tip: skip to paragraph 4 to skip the build up (but character development is so important in a good story!) I had been deployed for a few months at the going into the beginning of the summer and my ex girlfriend (Laura) had been my only release from my unending sexual frustration while overseas. She was truly a godsend. We would have our skype sessions and towards the end of the deployment she started to tell me about her new friend Julia that she had met online. BACKGROUND! I’m 22, 5’11", reddish/brown hair, fairly fit guy. I am pretty much the epitome of hipster, slim fit jeans, nice pair of boots, beanie, and hoodie are my go to. Laura was 21, 5’3", brunette with an amazing ass small D cups and for how curvy she was had a very flat stomach. She was a north face, scarf, and beanie kind of girl. Now Julia on the other hand was 19, 5’7", blonde, with extremely perky B cups, and a cute little ass that matched her petite figure. She loved screamo music and wore a lot of mascara, and it was obvious her favorite color was black and she loved converses. The most attractive thing about her to me though were her gauged ears and snake bite lip piercings. They were totally opposites minus both of them being bi, but they became extremely close sending pictures back and forth while I was away The only problem was that Julia lived 2 and a half hours away from Laura and I. Laura was really into her though so we planned for her to visit the week after I got back. The wait those last weeks felt like an eternity. When I finally got back I spent the week running all over stressed out dealing with business I had to attend to and the only thing that kept me level was that Laura spent every night with me making up for lost time during my absence. During this short time I finally talked to Julia with Laura too and we all got along really well so the excitement for the weekend was mounting. Finally it was Friday and we waited for Julia to arrive. It was already late and she had gotten off work and drove straight to meet us so she said to have drinks ready for her arrival. Laura and I met her at her car in the driveway with drinks and we finally all awkwardly introduced ourselves in the way one does when you know someone too well for never having seen them in person. When we came inside we talked for a while about music and movies and the such before Laura decided she wanted to play a drinking game. And that was that. We started playing kings so we could get drunk quickly. I drank beer and they had some mixed drinks that Julia had suggested. After a few games the question came up about how far each of us had gone in strip poker. Laura and I had both gotten completely naked multiple times but we found out that Julia had never played. Laura took this as a challenge and the table was cleared. A few hands later it was evident that Julia was just terrible at poker as she was down to her panties blushing and doing her best cover what she could. Laura on the other hand had her bra and panties on and happily flaunted her amazing cleavage. I was winning (with only my hoodie having come off) so for the game to continue they demanded I strip down to my boxers.aura’s. After a minute we both moved back to our seats. Julia just sat there biting her bottom lip, she obviously wanted more but was too embarrassed to make a move. Luckily for and Laura she picked me next but as I’d read the entire list we had Laura chose the number. I still remember to this day that the number was 12. It was the perfect choice. "Give your partner 1 minute of oral". I read it out loud and for a moment there was complete silence. Then Laura said "Well I guess it’s about time we move to your bed then." We all made our way down the hall to my bedroom and the girls crawled under the blanket and lay side by side cuddling as I stood at the foot of the bed. Without me saying a word they both removed their panties and dropped them over the side of the bed to the floor. I looked up the bed at Laura and her eyes were filled with pure lust. I took the hint and pulled up the bottom of the blanket and climbed up the bed under the comforter. Two pairs of smooth legs were spread in front of me ready for me to make my choice. I figured guests first so I slid up the slender pair of legs on the left and started kissing as I got half way up her thighs. As I slowly kissed up her milky white thigh I slide my hand up Laura’s thigh lightly touching her smooth skin goosebumps forming under my fingertips. I could hear them kissing excitedly above the blanket. When I finished my teasing ascent kissed her slim little lips and I slid my tongue into Julia’s now dripping pussy and then licked slowly up to her clit. She moaned loudly, and another moan followed as I slid a finger into Laura’s tight pussy pulling up on her G spot. I licked and nibbled on Julia’s clit as she ran her fingers through my hair guiding my tongue to where she needed it and then swapped over to Laura and started the process over again. After only a few minutes between Laura’s legs she began to grind hard into my tongue as she came. I licked her clean and she pulled me up to a deep kiss. I sat back from it and Laura smiled and said it was her turn as she pulled back the blanket because she wanted to see everything as she worked. I finally got a full view of Julia with her legs spread. Her pussy glistened as she looked at both of us almost in a daze. I lay down next to her and she leaned in and kissed me, biting my lip her lip rings turning me on even more as they pressed into my bottom lip. At the same time Laura took my cock as deep into her throat as she could. I reached over to rub Julia’s pussy and found Laura’s fingers had already beaten me to it sliding in and out. They were already totally soaked. By this time in our relationship I had taught Laura how to suck cock like no other girl I’ve ever met. She new exactly where to lick on my head when to stroke my shaft and when to just take as much into her warm wet mouth as she could handle. After she was happy with how sloppy and wet my cock was switched to stroking me and replaced my fingers on Julia’s pussy with her tongue. Julia’s kissing became more urgent and she started darting her tongue more and more into my mouth teasing mine into her own until she opened her mouth wide as she half screamed while she came hard. Laura kissed up Julia’s body and joined us to share in the post orgasm kisses, still softly stroking my dick the entire time. After a minute or two of kissing Laura looked at Julia and said, "I think it’s your turn" with a sly smirk. She gave a cute shy smile as she rolled over onto her stomach and moved down the bed. Laura lay down beside me and started to kiss my neck as Julia’s lips wrapped around the head of my cock. She swirled her tongue around the tip, but God all I could pay attention to was the feeling of her cone shaped studs from her snake bites as she slowly worked my dick deeper into her mouth. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and started stroking quickly while sucking on the tip harder than before. Laura whispered in my ear that she wanted me to cum for her now and nibbled on it breathing heavily from her own excitement of my fingers running softly over her clit. This almost immediately sent me over the edge. I had barely moaned out that I was cumming when I started to blow my load. Julia slowed her strokes and wrapped her lips around the tip using her tongue to continue to stimulate the very tip between spurts. She looked up at me the entire time enjoying the pleasure on my face, just making me cum harder. After I was finally done she stroked out the last drops and finished swallowing what was left. I honestly couldn’t believe this previously (relatively) shy girl could give a blowjob and finish like that. From there I got up to get a glass of water for the three of us to share and to clean myself up. When I came back they had already started again without me. I can keep going if y’all are into that. Because the night wasn’t nearly over. renowned_unknown
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