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The Unexposed Secret Of Naked Old Women

2015.05.18 05:47

CortneyPiesseumhht 조회 수:1958

Lydia was one of those high school girlfriends when things never get much more serious than holding each other’s hands on a park bench. After we ‘broke up’ and we stayed friends, we grew up through high school together. Not that she wasn't already, but Lydia became absolutely gorgeous. Everybody in school knew it, too. Quite often I would feel a little smug when other guys would lose their minds with jealousy over how I had managed to "get her young" and that I got to be friends with such a hot girl. It felt a little bit weird to think about her like that. She was certainly attractive, but she was my friend. One of my best friends. Truth be told, I was a little protective over her. Not that she needed protecting, least of all from me. After high school, everybody went off to do their own thing at university. The most contact I would have with my old friends would be through the posts they shared on Facebook. Lydia posted fairly regularly, sharing photos of her with her new boyfriend. Then later, after things hadn't worked out, changing her status back to single. And then back again with some new guy. When everybody came back for summer, Lydia looked good. Really good. She’d gotten a bit more comfortable with her body, wearing tighter tops that showed off her curves. She’d started wearing skinny jeans, riding a little low, a band of skin revealing itself at her hips. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes off her. We all met up at a pub and I found myself crammed in a booth against the wall, Lydia squeezed up next to me. It was a little awkward to begin with but as we all had beer after beer and the night became more hazy and blurred at the edges, we started getting more comfortable with each other. My arm ended up snaked around Lydia, her warm fingers gently entwining with mine behind her back where no one else could see. I’d forgotten how incredible she smelled. The buzz of my drunkenness swirled around me with the sweet fruity aroma from Lydia’s hair. It was quite the combination. She was practically laying all her weight against me, cuddling up against my body. Against my better judgement and subtleness, I ended up glancing frequently down Lydia’s top. She was wearing a lacy purple bra, her breasts swelling against the fabric. I looked away. I tried to distract myself, trying to dip back into the conversation between our friends, until I felt Lydia’s finger trace a line up my thigh. Soon her whole hand was gently brushing up my leg. My hand automatically came to hers, my fingers landing on her forearm. She pushed her body a little more into mine, trying to get my attention. It worked. I walked Lydia home that night. Our houses were only a few streets away so we were always walking buddies all throughout high school. Except this walk was nothing like high school. We were both electric with giddiness. Lydia kept walking in front of me, turning to look back at me over her shoulder with a smug smirk on her face. Even drunk she still knew how to look damn good. Every second step she’d be illuminated in orange light from the streetlamps. She stopped in her tracks underneath the next streetlamp, turning around fully to look at me. I walked to catch up with her and in one sweeping motion, like it was an instinct, I wrapped my arms around her waist, pushed her against the streetlamp and kissed her. We both melted into it. Her fid up at me again. I felt warmth and happiness and all that stuff, but ten times what I’d ever felt before. Lydia’s hand came up to my cheek, the sweetest smile on her face. I turned into it, kissing the palm of her hand and her wrist. I kissed down her forearm, over her elbow, up onto her shoulder and her neck and finally finding her gorgeous, juicy lips once again. Fuck me, I think I was in love. I reached around and found the clasp of her bra. Having little experience of such things, I fumbled for some time to release it. "When you’re ready, no rush, mate." Lydia scoffed. I pulled at it like a Christmas cracker. "Careful!" Lydia laughed, "This is my favourite bra!" "I know, mine too. As bras go, it’s a corker. But it would look better on" "Don’t fucking say it!" "Sorry." I said, a faint click coming from behind her back. Her bra fell away, revealing her smooth, supple breasts. "Well there you go. A girl’s tits. Now what are you going to do?" she smirked at me. "Just give me a minute." I almost fell into her, my face meeting her chest, taking her nipple into my mouth. I sucked and licked, rolling my tongue around it. "You know this is more enjoyable for you than it is for me?" Lydia giggled. "I know it is, just give me a minute. I’m not going to be anywhere this nice for a long time." I said, muffled by a mouthful of tit. "Oh, in that case, go nuts." Lydia said, lying back into her pillow. Her hand rested gently on the top of my head, playing with strands of my hair. I just breathed her in, the smell of her filling my head. I was drunk on her. Her and beer, obviously. My hand somehow dragged itself away from massaging her other breast and started drifting down over her stomach. I found the top of her jeans and started undoing the buttons. "What are you-?" she started, before glancing down. "Oh." My hand dipped into her underwear. "Ohhh…" she gasped quietly. My middle finger found the already wet lips of her pussy. I massaged it at first, revelling in the feeling of the muscles in her stomach contracting as she wriggled around as the pleasure began building. I slid my finger inside her and she let out a squeaky little whimper. A good start, I thought to myself. I slipped in another finger, glancing up at her. Her eyes were closed, a weak smile lighting up her face. At least she was liking it. I decided to try other things. I curled my fingers upwards and pumped in and out slowly. Lydia moaned loudly, her spine arching up off the mattress. "Interesting," I said out loud. "What is?" she breathed. "Nothing. Just talk among yourselves." I brought my thumb down onto her clit and began rubbing it softly in circles. I could hear Lydia’s breath hitching in her throat. Her grip on my hair tightened. I looked up at her again. She was biting her lip hard, her brow furrowed in pleasure. "Oh… oh god, I think I’m… I’m gonna…" she whimpered. In a flash, I pulled my hand out of her jeans. Lydia sat bolt upright like she’d just woken from a bad dream, almost pulling a chunk of my hair out. "HEY! You can’t do that, you dick!" she screamed. "What?" I laughed. Lydia narrowed her eyes, a smirk on her face. "Well, aren't you proud of yourself? You’re still wearing a shirt as well. Come here!" she said. I didn't move, I just kept grinning up at her. She was so fucking beautiful. "Come. Here." she growled. I obeyed. She lay back down, pulling me over her by my collar. She slowly started unbuttoning my shirt, keeping her eyes fixed on mine. I got so lost in them that I barely noticed her drawing her legs up to my sides, the heat from her body engulfing me. Her delicate fingers reached the last button, and she gave a subtle lick of her lips. "You know, I've always liked this shirt." she said. "I imagine you have, you got it for my birthday last year." "Hmm. You know what, though?" "What?" "It would look better on my floor," Lydia whispered, undoing the final button. "Well played." "Thanks," she said, sliding my shirt off my shoulders. She threw it in a heap in the corner of the room. "Wow," she said, looking at the shirt on the floor, "it does look better on the floor." "Sorry, I’m a little distracted." I mumbled. The muscles in Lydia’s neck heaved against her skin. Tight. Kissable. Delicious. It was like I was a socially inept vampire. Lydia’s jawline stood out in the low light and I finally caved in and started peppering her with kisses again. She just laughed the sweetest, most gorgeous laugh as she cuddled against me. I’d clearly found a sensitive spot. Her nails scratched along my back and up my spine. "I, uh, can’t help but notice we’re both still wearing jeans," she said. I didn't even say anything, I just got on my knees, grabbing the legs of her jeans and peeling them off her. I've always had a thing for legs, and I spent a lot of lonely teenage nights wondering what Lydia’s were like. Now that I saw them, it put all my pubescent wet dreams to shame. The firm curve of her calf muscles drove me crazy. I didn't have a foot fetish until that night. Lydia had painted her toe nails red and she was wearing an Indian-looking bronze ankle bracelet. She sat up again, pulling me to her. She unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. Her hand found the lump in my boxer shorts, her fingers outlining the long, hard shape. Her head tilted to the side as she looked at me, her tongue dancing across her teeth. She knew exactly what she was doing. Without further notice, she yanked down my boxers, my dick springing out to meet her. "Hello, there." Lydia murmured to herself. The warmth of her hand around my dick earned a satisfied sigh from me. Before I had time to get used to the feeling of her hand pumping up and down my cock, she’d brought her lips to me. She swirled her tongue around the head, a shiny strand of saliva joining me to her lips. She popped my tip into her mouth, pulsing her tongue around it. She didn’t take her eyes off me as she drew her lips further and further down, taking more and more of me into her mouth. Drawing back again, she ran her tongue along the underside of my dick. Her hands gripped onto my ass as she pulled me back into her mouth. I let out a sharp gasp at how far down her throat I was. She swallowed while I was in her mouth, like a ripple of warmth. I felt tightness in my stomach build, my breath getting faster and faster. I was about to cum. And then Lydia removed me from her mouth and lay back down on the bed. I almost collapsed to my knees, the tightness disappearing in a cloud of disappointment. "Now we’re even." Lydia smirked. I collapsed down onto the bed next to Lydia, laughing. "Fair enough," But we weren't done yet. I immediately sprang back up, standing over the bed. "Get under the covers," I declared. Lydia looked up at me, propped up on her elbows, her eyes wide and innocent. "Is that an order?" she purred. "Yes." I said matter-of-factly, seemingly taking Lydia by surprise. She happily obliged, pulling back her duvet and slipping underneath. I climbed in the bottom of the duvet, finding myself between Lydia’s legs. I snaked my fingers over the band of her panties, dragging them down over her thighs and knees and down to her ankles, where I left them. A traced a line with my tongue from her knee, up her thigh, dancing around the spot I knew she was desperate for me to reach. I lay kisses along her hips and her stomach, her squirming fingers wrapping into my hair again. My lips found her pussy and I felt her whole body dissolve around me. I drew a line between her lips up to her clit. I sucked her softly. I kissed around her lips and I could feel her stomach tense up, her grip on my hair tightening. She brought her thighs to the side of my head. The warmth and the scent of her were like nothing I could have dreamt. I wrapped my hands around her thighs and brought my head down low to her pussy, finding a rhythm she seemed to agree with. She started gasping out little moans over and over, her hands now massaging at my head. Just before she came I pulled away from her. "NO! You fucker, we were even!" Lydia shouted, pulling me up by the hair. Lydia was sparkling in the low light; she was glistening with sweat, strands of her hair pasted to her rosy face. The anger in her eyes died as I shimmied up her until I lay on top of her between her legs. I pulled the duvet up over our shoulders. "After this, you’re not going to be even for weeks." I whispered in her ear. I ran my hand up her body, now slick and smooth with sweat. "Now that," Lydia said, "was terrible…" "I know," and I pushed my dick inside of her. Lydia’s eyes closed, her head dropping back into the pillow. I bit ever so softly on her neck; she bared her teeth in a tired, excited smile. A strained whimper shot from her lips. I pulled out of her and drew back in again, just watching Lydia’s face. The way her eyes flickered under her eyelids, the way she bit her swollen, glossy lips. She was simply perfect. I couldn't hold back any longer and began picking up the pace. As we both settled into the rhythm, I drew Lydia’s hands above her head. I barely noticed the dull thud of the headboard on the wall as I kissed down her arms and her armpit. Our eyes locked, our breath becoming one mess of heat between us. I let her arms go and she placed them around my neck, drawing me in for a kiss as our rhythm started to slow. She drew away and looked at me, kissing my cheeks and my chin and my forehead. I couldn't help but smile and kiss her back. My hands drifted down her body, sliding in between her and the mattress. I kneaded her ass and her thighs, my hands then rubbing up along her legs and her calves which were wrapped around my back. Almost simultaneously our breath started catching. Lydia’s eyes rolled back in her head, her mouth hanging open a little. I felt the tightness in me again. "I want you to cum inside me," Lydia exhaled. I gripped her even tighter as the warmth and the pleasure consumed me. The orgasm twisted through me and I pulsed inside Lydia, as she came as well, groaning loudly against my ear. We both shuddered in aftershock and I tumbled down onto the bed next to Lydia. I looked over at her. She was glowing, her glistening chest heaving against the duvet. She looked at me; glazed, misty eyes beaming at me. Under the duvet her fingers found mine. "Come here," she whispered. I pulled myself over to her, both us facing each other on our sides. She kissed me softly and deep. We kissed for what felt like forever, then chatted and joked and laughed just like old friends having a catch up. Lydia was getting sleepy, cuddling against me. She rolled over in the bed, ready to be the little spoon, and I couldn't resist my eyes dropping down her still sparkling, shiny back, down to her perfect, round ass. Uh-oh. As she pushed back into me, my now hardening dick pushed between her ass cheeks. "Oh, hello," Lydia laughed, "ready for round two now, are we?" I smiled against her hair, sliding my hands up to her hips and around her waist. "Oh, yes." I whispered in her ear. perfidioussnatch
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