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Three Tips For Mature Erotica Success

2015.05.19 07:52

CortneyPiesseumhht 조회 수:2574

A few months ago, I was cleaning up our master bedroom to surprise my wife when she got back from a convention at work. Because I’m a klutz, I knocked over my wife’s bookshelf, and spilled her collection of books and knickknacks on the floor. As I was reassembling them, I noticed one of the books contained handwriting, even though the dust jacket said it was The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I picked it up to see what it was, and quickly noticed there were dated entries going back to when she had first started university. Apparently this was her diary, and I’m probably a terrible human being for reading it, but it was completely by accident. This is the entry that first caught my eye – would you have stopped reading when you found this information about your spouse? March 17,2000 Candy and I were at the bar tonight, giggling about Paul’s terrible attempts to pick up one of us. I guess he was hedging his bet by hitting on us both. He was cute, so we let him buy us drinks all night, but he wasn’t what either of us were looking for. He seemed nice, but he was trying so hard to impress us that it was borderline obnoxious. We tried not to string him along, other than the drinks, but when he demanded to know who he was going home with at closing time, Candy surprised us all by leaning in and giving me a full-on kiss on the mouth. The kiss was freaking hot, partly because it was unexpected, and maybe a bit because we were drunk and horny and had been innocently flirting for a few months. By the time we broke the kiss, you could have drowned a squirrel in my panties. The look on Paul’s face told us he knew he wasn’t getting anywhere with us, and he sulked away, grabbing his coat and moving down the bar without saying a word. Writing this now, I really hope he managed to find someone to keep him warm, but at the time, the only thing I could think of was getting Candy back to the dorm so we could…play… a little longer. Candy and I got our coats and headed to the door. My heart fluttered a bit when I felt her fingers grasp mine, and I felt a shiver run though us as we waited for the cab to pull around. We slid into the back of the car, told the driver where to take us, and started making out again. My god, she was delicious. Grape lipstick with a hint of appletini on her breath, and our mixed pheromones combined to present a buffet of hot sex yet to come. The feeling of her tongue in my mouth, teasing mine to play with hers and tracing little designs on my lips felt incredible. My hands explored her body, feeling the faint texture of her dress and the soft warmth of her skin. As we continued to make out, I slid my hand under her hem and she parted her legs to give me better access. I had one hand on the nape of her neck, drawing her closer to me so we could kiss as deeply as possible, and my other hand rested on her warm thigh for just a moment before creeping up to feel the heat coming off her bare skin. I gently massaged her inner thigh, inching my hand closer to the source of the steamy heat between her legs. A movement in the front of the cab caught my eye, and I looked up to see the driver adjusting the mirror so he could get a better look at what we were doing. I smiled and winked at him, and told him to take the scenic route. I turned away from the mirror, catching a glimpse of his smile as he nodded. And then I came back to Candy. I kclit. It stood out like a little thumb, as hard – or harder – than any cock I’d ever enjoyed. I took it in my mouth and ran my tongue all around it, tenderly loving it as only a woman can. Candy was rocking hard against the door, bracing herself against it to push herself into my mouth. She was whimpering loudly, and I’m pretty sure Ahmed was touching himself to the tune of her loving. I kept at her clit, creating a little pattern of attention – fast little bursts of tongue flicking that made her moan, followed by light licking and sucking which made her gasp. I felt the car slow down and come to a stop, and without taking my full attention away from Candy’s treasure, I flicked my eyes towards Ahmed and realized he’d pulled over to release a little pressure. I guess we were too much for him, as I could hear him furiously stroking his meat. I returned to Candy and looked up to see her as she enjoyed the tongue ride. A few moments later I felt her hands on my ears as she ground her pussy into my face, and then I felt – then tasted – the orgasm as it raced through her. I kept licking for a few moments, letting the aftershocks fade away. Just as I finished reading that, my phone rang and I just about jumped out of my skin. The call display said it was my wife, and I felt guilty for reading her secret journal. She told me about the conference and how she was going out with some of the girls to have a few drinks. "Don’t bother waiting up," she said. "I’ll probably be a bit too tipsy to call you. I’ll check in with you tomorrow – have a great night." I wished her the same and wondered if maybe she was going to have a bit more fun than she was letting on. This was the first time I’d heard of her being into women, but based on this story, it didn’t seem like a one-time thing. She was fucking good at it. I wanted to put the book away, but after that entry I knew I’d be reading it until the minute she walked through the front door, and then I was going to fuck her brains out. I skipped to the last entry, thinking it might be the first time we’d had sex together – a weekend of passion in her dorm room while her roommate was away. Instead, this is what I found. So excited about this weekend, I get to check another item off my "to do" list. The only reason I signed up for this convention was to finally meet up with Chris and Evan. Chris has been teasing me online for two months now, and I can’t wait to see if his cock is as big in real life as it is on my ipad, and he says Evan’s cock is even bigger. The thought of having two massive cocks in me at the same time has had me dripping wet since Chris invited me to stay and play with him. Will update when I get back. It was dated yesterday. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited to see how it went. (originally submitted to vinegarstrokes) justinfinaughty
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