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The Meaning Of épalasses

2015.05.18 23:01

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There is no comparing you, this place we've built together, to anything else. A place made out of bed sheets and comforters that turn into caves to explore until we could find each others skin again. So that we could kiss and hold each other in a way the movies can never show. We are close, skin on skin, and the seamless press of our bodies to another is the best part of every day. I have put ten thousand bruises on your skin here. Mostly with the tips of my fingers when I grabbed you too hard and held you as close as I could. But also when I slapped your ass with the whole of my palm or gripped your hips to pull you into me so I could slide into you as deep as I am allowed. The small marks of my teeth after they held your tender skin between them. And sometimes marks that seemed to come from nowhere at all after nights of tussled hair and sweat-soaked laughter. Making you mine has is the greatest achievement of my life. But this is a journey that never ends. There's always another step for us. Some other place for us to go. And that's why I have to take you out of this room that we've made an extension of us. Why I take you outside your comfort zone and into the brisk, night air of the city. It's after two drinks at the mid-range bar that I see that familiar look in your eyes. The one that lights up your cheeks and says your entire body is feeling empty and hot. There was a time where I would have played it out, asked for your panties on the way back from the bathroom or a hundred other power-trips. And some other night, I will. But tonight we celebrate how long we've been together and the very idea of it makes me want you as soon as I can. You cheeks are even redder against the backdrop of light snow flurries that don't quite stick to the ground and your hair is a magic trick. And although I am so much taller than you, you feel like the size of the world. I know that I stare at you too long when you purse your lips and laugh, beg me to look away. We get lost in memories, swim through recollections as we do through the streets. Each laugh of yours reminds me how lucky I am. When we stumble upon the small park, dead and absent and dark in the middle of our city, then I pull you by the wrist. We make our way down the path leaving barely visible footprints around the sculptures and trees. It's only when we stumble on the large oak that I know why we are here. I take you by the wrists and push them together over your head, a sliver of your stomach appearing, and hold it them to the tree. I tap them to make certain you know to hold them in place. Then I kneel down before you, kiss the scant skin while holding your hips, pushing you against the tree. You start offering token resistance and as my tongue and lips find new parts of you, your words become louder. More urgent. Every second we are here is another chance to be found, something you hope to never happen—one of your greater fears. Most times I respect the schism of who we are behind closed doors and the public face we put on things. You never want to be forced into explaining bruises and bite marks. Collars or costumes. And I do my best to make certain that you never, ever have to. That we are secret in the day as much as we are silent in the dead of night. But right now… Right now I want you so badly I can't hold ity and flick around with my tongue. Then I nibble you, hold your flesh between my teeth and pull it from your body. I love this moment, where your life feels fragile in mine and I can feel the beat of your heart in my mouth. I release the bite, only to take in more flesh from you shoulder. Then your neck again. Then your ear. I lick the whole of it. Then after that delicate tracing, I bite you again. My mouth becomes the way we're connected. I need more. So I switch to the other side and repeat the process. It's only when your neck sways in the other direction, that you give me access, in which I know for certain that you'll stop this silly game of denying me. "I have to have you," I whisper in your freshly bitten ear. "Who's fault is that?" I wait until you confess. "Now tell me you're sorry." You do. "Tell me again," I ask as I take apart the top three buttons of your blouse. You say it over and over again as I lean down, kiss the top of your breasts over the fabric and move my hands beneath the waistband of your panties and slacks. It's only when we touch skin-to-skin that I realize how cold you are. How pliant. What you are sacrificing to offer yourself to me. I slam the clothing to your ankles and demand that you get out of them. You step, naked from the waste down except for your shoes, into fresh snow as I hang them onto a branch. You shiver, but it's only for a moment. Only until I take your hands and spin you around so that you face the tree and place your palms against it. Then I step behind you, shield you from the light wind as I take off my over-sized coat and wrap it around your shoulders. It's sizable enough that I have to lift it to make my way back into your pussy with the single finger while I pull my cock out. I push your face into the tree as I slide inside you. I keep it there as a reminder that you do no want to say no again, however tempted you might be. The cold has made your pussy tighter, made it feel even hotter than normal. I laugh before I sink my teeth into your shoulder through the many layers of fabric. When you ask why I'm laughing I push your head into the tree with renewed vigor. You're mine, you're a toy for my pleasure and you do not ask me why I do anything. You simply serve me, to the best of your ability, until I tell you otherwise. Hunched over you, I grab your waist with both hands so that I have the power to push all the way in and out with long, simple strokes. Your body conforms to them quickly, bending over further, giving me more access despite the elements, your suffering. Then you begin to pant before I've started to ramp up. Some of it is the cold. Some the fear of getting caught. But there's also the pleasure I can feel you. The desire to look back on this night and say you came while being used in the park. You become slicker as I move harder, grip more of your skin between my fingers. There is a perfect stillness to the air and I can feel small snowflakes on my skin. It spurs me on, the contrast of the cold and the heat you offer. I start to fuck you faster. Drive harder. Roll my hips up with each trust so you can feel even more of my cock. So I feel and open every part of you that I can from this position. We fall into a rhythm, you knowing just when to clench to strain that last bit of my cock as it exits you, the move that drives me wild. And it works. I start growling, grunting, pushing into your skin with the same vulgar strength that I push into your pussy. "More" I find myself saying aloud, as if you can give it, as if I had anything left to give. But you surprise me still. You arch up on your toes, you shift your body, you give me even more access into you through. It electrifies me. Makes me take my free hand from your face to your neck to squeeze you as I begin to rocket in and out as fast as I can. Faster, harder, a slow scream emitting from me, rising out into the night. You join me as we get closer and closer to the edge. I go from the rocketing in and out of you to single, hard pushes. From jack-hammering to contained bursts within you, as long and deep as I can go. The kind of fucking I could never do with any girl besides you. You cry out, your scream tickling my hand around your throat. Your pussy cumming around my cock. It's only a few more pushes in before I can't take anymore, the sound of your whimpers pushing me over the edge. I cum inside you. A moment to recover. The cold makes it easier to think, revive. Then I pull out of you, help steady you against the tree and help support you with my bod so we can dress you again quickly as possible. We trap my cum inside you, hide your marks away and, just like you were a half hour ago, you're a normal, beautiful girl that nobody would suspect. You offer me the jacket back and, although I am cold, I demand you keep it. We walk, in silence with a small smile on our faces. At the corner near our place I demand that you stop and when you begin to fight me I demand it again. You take a step away from me, turn, look me in the eyes and say it again with more strength. There's fear, reservation, in every flex of your body. This is a hard no. When I take step towards you, you back away. "Stand still," I demand as I move forward. You only take half a step back, then plant your feet and allow me to move up to you, to bend down and whisper in your ear. "Put your back against the wall. Trust me." You hesitate. I watch the wheels turn before you take a deep breath and position yourself against it This is normally a much more crowded area, and someone could walk by any moment. There's fear, concern, and just barely chained defiance all over your face as I approach you. "Tell me I can do anything I want with you. Here. Now. Anywhere." When you agree through grit teeth I kiss you, long and slow, on the lips. Nothing more and nothing eager. Just to show you that I love you. We kiss for a moment before I take you by the hand. And just like that we are walking again, moving again, free again. We stroll through the street, back through our front door and into the living room where I take you into my lap. Then we kiss. And kiss. And kiss. Tiredofnotbeingright
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