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The Appeal Of Confirmemos

2015.05.19 01:27

KristianBroadus 조회 수:1173

A PRICE TO BE PAID A Tale of BDSM and Black-Mail, written by Nick Faraway — — It all started with a text message from a number she didnt recognize, which Mrs. Sails assumed was some new and terrible kind of spam that prayed on ones fears and anxiety: I know everything. Call this number at exactly eleven-thirty, no later, no sooner. There will be a price paid, I assure you. What, a price for big dick pills?, she thought. No Thanks, pal. Then she closed her phone, without thinking about it twice. Of course, Mrs. Sails had assumed incorrectly, which shell come to learn shortly… — — AUTHORS NOTE: This is a serialized story about BDSM, but please dont expect any of the kinky activities that implies within the first chapter or two. I intend to explore domination and submission, both physically and emotionally, but to do that realistically and with the right detail, there has to be a degree of character development and set-up. But I guarantee, once the plot kicks into second gear, this story wont be for the faint of heart. I hope you stick around till then, dear reader. Ive made sure to have a few tricks up my sleeve. The ambition with this story is less to titillate you and more to shock your system into a re-boot, emotionally and sexually. Links to the chapters to follow will be posted at the bottom of each post, when I get around to it. Thanks for reading! — — CHAPTER ONE: And Still Counting… — — Miranda Sails woke that morning in the same fashion she had for the past ten years, give or take: beside her snoring husband, Larry, whos bald-patch seemed designed to catch the sun-light is confirmemos just such a way as to stir her awake, before the alarm clock beside their bed even had a chance to begin its electronic squawking. Miranda stared at the flashing 6:24 on her bedside table, watching the throbbing red numbers blink on and off, until it read 6:25. In five minutes, the alarm would go off and Larry would be awake, too. Five minutes, Miranda thought. Five minutes to myself, before I have to do it all over again… Kiss Larry good-bye, before he rushes off to work at Burger King. Get the kids ready for pre-school, drop them off, then hurry to work. (Pray for no traffic on the highway, or Im screwed). Teach math to horny, easily distracted teenagers for eight hours. Mark homework, while sat on the couch in front of CSI, eating a microwaved dinner. Fall asleep beside her lustless husband. Rinse, repeat. She tried to close her eyes and drift back off into that sweet, ephemeral limbo between sleep and wakefulness, but her mathematical mind was already racing to crunch the numbers: there are three-hundred and sixty-five days in every year, roughly, she calculated. So, thats three-hundred and sixty-five times ten, which equals three-thousand six-hundred and fifty days. That number echoed inside Mirandas head as she watched the digital clock tick away the minutes until 6:30, with a manics repetition: three-thousand six-hundred and fifty mornings, just like this one. Three-thousand six-hundred and fifty days Ive woken up like this, to the glare off his bald head stabbing through my eye-lids. Three-thousand six-hundred… Then, Larry snored, cutting off Mirandas trail of thought before it could be finished. She didnt mind. There was nothing but existential dread at the end of that mental road, she knew too well. So, Miranda let her thoughts wander elsewhere instead, drifting off towards Mike Stuart, they way her thoughts always seemed to the past few weeks, like metal-shavings to a magnet. He was much younger than she was and certainly younger than Larry (who had ceased to wake with the same rock-hard morning wood that he once had, back when they got married, and didnt seem bothered by it all that much). But, Mikes cock still twitched and spasmed with a youthful, unbridled lust, that would send waves of pleasure quivering up through her palms, down her arms, and all the way down to the soles of her shoes. Mike was once a student in her math-class, over five years ago; now, he was working at a small law firm and living alone, becoming his own man, bit by bit and inch confirmemos by inch. Its always strange when you see them all grown up, Miranda thought. So surreal. Its like seeing a prototype of who theyll become one day, realized right before your eyes. Larry snored again, but this time her thoughts werent interrupted in the slightest: Its even more surreal knowing that the same quiet boy who had once sat in the back of her math class doodling strange creatures had now become the handsome, broad-shouldered bull who fuck her pussy relentlessly, yet still called her Mrs. Sails with a tinge of nervousness. During the time it took for the alarm-clock to advanced from 6:28 to 6:29, Miranda had lost herself remembering every encounter shed had with Mike to date, in something approximating chronological order: running into him during a cougar night at her favourite bar and being beside herself with embarrassment; Mike buying her a drink, saying we are both adults now; the frenzied blow-job in the back of his car that followed and the sensation of his hot cum on her tongue. (That had been the first time Miranda had ever swallowed a mans cum, but she never told Mike so. She thought that would sound odd coming from a woman in her 30s.) Then there had been their first date, when Larry left town on business last month and had his confirmemos return trip delayed, Mirandas continued to recall. He cooked dinner for me that night, in my own kitchen. For a bachelor, Mike was an amazing cook. If you're ready to learn more info on confirmemos look at the web site. Far better than Larry, who could cook scrambled eggs and not much else besides. Then laying on her couch with him, head resting on the swollen lump in Mikes lap, watching TV until the wee hours of the morning. Wait, Miranda realized, that morning, waking up beside Mike, that was nothing at all like this. It had been wonderful… Three-hundred and sixty-five days minus one, she thought. Three-hundred and sixty-four days, then… That is still too many, she knew. Thats when the alarm clock began to ring-out, piercing the pleasant, contemplative silence of the bed-room. Miranda sighed, then Larry started to toss and turn, waking up gradually. She hit the snooze button, then pulled the sheets off her body and stood, ready to start making breakfast. Larry turned over and mumbled into his pillow: Love you, babe, then seemed to fall back to sleep instantaneously. Miranda put her pants on and walked out of the bedroom, without bothering to reply… — — Chapter Two: (Link Coming Soon!) Thanks again for reading! — — KinkyNick_Canada [1 comment]
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