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2015.05.19 03:44

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I'll begin this story with a little about me. I'm 33 and am a grad student at a large university in an American city. I'm about what you'd expect from an older dude living in the city: well versed in literature and pop culture with a slight edge. The most recognizable features I possess are my horn-rimmed glasses and my extreme height; I stand at 6'8". I'm a relatively thin man, but I have some muscle tone from running every day. I graduated with a bachelor's in English, and I currently teach some introductory level writing proficiency classes for freshmen. It's a required class for every major, so I certainly get students with many different skill sets and quirks. That's where my new favorite student comes in.
When I first scanned the room, taking in the new fresh faces of the new students, my eye instantly stuck on one girl who sat in the front row, just to my right. She had stunning bright red hair that cascaded in layers to below her rib bones, forming gentle waves. I subtly stole looks directed at her throughout the class, noticing new details every time I looked. Tiny freckles formed constellations across her plump cheeks, almost forced into a permanent smirk as I spoke. As my eyes moved south, I stared at her chest. She wore a modest black and white shirt with some sort of jumper over it, the black straps hugging her breasts tightly. Although the shirt was quite modest, it was too tight for her frame and clung to her chest. To my surprise, I could notice that she couldn't have been wearing a bra. The way her large breasts bounced gently when she moved was a dead giveaway. Her warm hazel eyes met mine and she smirked, leaving me incredibly embarrassed and only able to mutter some half-constructed excuse why I kept looking to her side of the room. At that moment, I was incredibly thankful for the hip-height podium that could provide me with somewhere to hide my crotch, my erection pulsing and making my already-tight jeans constrict more.
Throughout the next classes, she certainly participated the most. She had something insightful to say about each piece I brought into discussion, so much so that I would begin to tailor my lessons to her. Her intelligence and perceptiveness greatly surpassed her years, and with everything she said, she became even more beautiful to me. Very quickly, her fellow students half-jokingly granted her the loving title of "Teacher's Pet." I would playfully reprimand them, but I would see a slight blush building in her cheeks.
Near the end of the semester, I assigned a long research paper for them. Many students' rough drafts failed greatly, and I had no other choice but to hold private one-on-one sessions with each student to try to salvage what they offered. Of course, my favorite student's paper was already stunning, even as a rough draft. She protested when I assigned mandatory meetings, but I could see a slight smirk grow on her face when I joked that I would be extra hard on her if she thought she was so great. She made some sort of comment, and when she left the room, she told me she couldn't wait to hear what I had to say. I couldn't wait to be alone with her, finally, even if it was purely platonic.
I held my meetings in my office, a sign on my door indicated that I was busy and had lockesive student letting you take advantage of me? Also, you're so hard."
She was right. My cock was begging to escape from my pants, a pool of pre-cum already leaking through the fabric. She leaned down and began fumbling with the buttons, and I could do nothing but grip the armrests of my chair, the overwhelming feeling of anticipation overcoming me. When she finally pulled down my jeans, she rubbed my hard cock through the fabric and cooed about how large and thick it was. She then licked one single path up my underwear, focusing on the spot with my pre-cum. I couldn't hold back a loud gasp. She took my noise as an invitation to progress further, letting my cock spring out of my underwear and rest in front of her face.
"It's just like I imagined it," she cooed and began flicking her tongue on the underside of it.
I could barely speak when I asked, "What do you mean? You thought about my cock?"
She stroked it harder then, and lifted my shirt up to bite at my hipbone. "Of course I did. Every time in class, I would look at the bulge in your pants and just think about what was hiding under there. It was really distracting."
With her last word, she began to jerk me off with amazing technique and enthusiasm, completely disabling my brain. I choked out, not so eloquently, "Well, your tits were pretty distracting to me too, you know."
"Oh?" she remarked with a smirk. "Let's distract you more, then."
She reached her arm around the back of her dress and unzipped it, letting it fall in a small pile around her feet. Finally, I was face-to-face with the full, yet perky breasts of my 18 year old student. I couldn't hold myself back any longer; I broke away from her hold and began circling my tongue around one nipple as I gently touched my hand down her body and slipped it into her pink, lacy panties. Her fingers grasped around my hair as I sucked her nipples hard and slipped two fingers into her warm, welcoming cunt. The tight walls seemed to hug my fingers as if they never wanted to lose contact, and she turned into pure putty in my hands, a writhing young goddess moaning my name as I brought her to orgasm, my hand covering her mouth to prevent the yelp she wanted to let out.
She pulled herself away from me, wanting to take the dominant role once again, and began to kiss down my chest and stomach, paying extra attention to the erogenous zones that made me grip her ruby red hair in my fingers and pull her down harder. She assured me she was going to be my perfect little slut, and I could only manage to nod and push her head down onto my cock. She began sucking with such vigor, such uninhibited passion, young and excited. She took all 8 inches deep into her throat, creating mind-blowing suction as she began to gently massage my balls. After a mere minute or so, I couldn't take it any longer; I felt myself nearing the edge of what felt like it had the potential to be my most powerful climax. I pushed her away gently and mumbled that I didn't want to cum yet. I quickly removed my laptop and various papers from my desk and then pulled her by wide hips onto it. I laid her on her back and kissed down her entire body, biting on the enticingly perfect soft bits of flesh, making sure to look into her eyes as I scratched deeply down her body. I ate her out for what felt like hours, finally ending in her lying there as a shivering puddle of pleasure. Finally, I took my opportunity to slide my cock into her. The warmth and tightness of her pussy welcomed my cock, gripping it tightly as if it was trying to milk every last bit of cum from me. Finally, I couldn't take it any more, and I pulled out, finally spilling out the most cum I'd ever seen myself ejaculate onto her face, tits, and stomach as she begged for it.
After I could not cum any more, I stood over her in pure disbelief of what had just happened. She smiled at me as she wiped up my cum with some wipes and fell into my warm hug. I ran my hand up and down her back and stroked her hair gently, finally planting a warm kiss on her forehead.
Her cheeks were rose pink, and she smiled at me while mumbling, "Now I really am the teacher's pet."
I pulled her into a deep kiss, my own taste now coating my tongue. "You're just too damn perfect not to be."
Since the semester ended, we have stayed in touch. I brought her around the city to many museums and hip eateries. I was really head-over-heels for her, truly, but she did not want to date me. She was uncomfortable with the age difference. However, we still have sleepovers at least once every two weeks, when she can. Perhaps I will have more stories in the future if this is well received.

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