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2015.05.18 07:53

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After high school I spend one last summer home and join the Navy the following September. I went off to that Hell Hole called Great Lakes (Great Mistakes) in Illinois and froze my ass off until I was transferred for training down to Florida. Well, after training I thankfully got orders to Japan. I wanted to travel and my idea of being in the Navy stateside seemed boring. I got to Japan, checked in with my command and got my billeting assignment. My roommate, Joe, was a funny guy. I moved my seabag and crap in and handed him a cold beer while he was in the shower. He looked startled and laughed. I said, what? You dont drink beer in the shower? We hit it off and soon became good friends. Joe invited me out with his friends that night but I was tired from traveling. He told me if any girls call our house phone to take the name and number down. I asked him how many he was expecting. He said 6 to 8. He then said, welcome to Japan. Well, I soon found out he wasnt kidding. Japanese girls love American servicemen. I soon landed girls from train stations and 7-11s; you didnt even have to go to a club if you didnt want to. Hell, you could stay in the barracks and some guy would knock on your door randomly and say, take her, my girl brought her along and I need some solo time. Bring her back when your done. And youd be looking over at a doe-eyed eager young girl who is ready to fool around. Anyways, Joe and I had amassed a small fleet of girls we would sire. We got on a rotation where we would invite the same girls at the same time to keep the stories straight. One of the girls I began seeing was more exceptional than the others. Yumi was about 26, b cup, pointing dark brown nipples, shaved pussy with a tiny landing strip, about 52 and barely 100lbs. I met Yumi at a club and spoke perfect English; her daddy was an affluent architect so she went to some prominent schools. Yumi was a freak in bed. She loved nipple biting, anal, ass licking, mild choking, cock slapping, peeing, straight gonzo. She really loved to give blowjobs. The 1st time I brought her back to Joe and Is room, I closed the door and she spun around, dropped to her knees and sucked me furiously. After I bricked in her mouth, she said thank you and we walked into the room. Well, she wasnt shy either. Whenever she would come over wed fuck once or twice and nearly the remainder of the time, she be blowing me. Joe would walk in and she wouldnt stop. Shed giggle, look at him and open her throat. She admitted to me that she thought he was sexy so I suggested on that we have a threesome. I had threesomes in the past but at this point I had never had one with another guy involved and by this point, Joe and I werent shy. In fact, we had banged other girls in around the same time, he with his in his bed and mine with mine in my bed but we hadnt really crossed that plane yet. The previous week though he had a girl, whos name I forgot, and he gave her to me. That girl only want to give me a blowjob and I obliged. I thought this could be fun and I want to return the favor. Well, one night, Yumi came over and we did the usual routine. Joe couldnt bring a girl over because he had duty and had to stand watch later. He crawled into his bed for a nap. I banged Yumi and suggested we bring Joe into the mix. She agreed. I told her to crawl under his sheets aws what Im doing and he share a good laugh. We switch positions and I tell Joe to fuck her from behind so I can get some head. Well, let me tell you, Im 7 with a decent thickness. Joe is about 5 but is as thick as a Campbells soup can. I mean real girth. He goes behind her and when he thrusts into her and my dick pops out of her mouth, her eyes go wide and she lets out a squeal. Im quite turned on by this and force my cock bad into her mouth. Shes furiously trying to breath through her nose with labored hissing going in and out. I can tell shes trying to concentrate on my BJ but its not working for her. Poor kid. I tell Joe to fuck her in her ass now. Yumi protests and says that she wants me to fuck her ass and Joe in the pussy. I tell her, no we both get a turn at her holes because shes a dirty slut and cock slap her a few times. I grab her by her chin and ask her to her face if she wants to be fucked like a whore and she agrees that she wants to be a dirty bitch. I get up and sit on Yumis back and stretch her asscheeks apart exposing her wet, brown anus. Joe starts laughing and presses his cockhead into her brown circle forcing it tightly around his cockhead. He starts pumping into her and she starts letting out her Japanese squeaks/moans. When she gets fucked in the ass she always let out those sounds you hear in the movies. Hes furiously pumping her shithole and goes balls deep into her. Her eyes get so wide I thought they were going to pop out. I get off her and get some more head. I tell Joe to pull out and I slide under her. I put my dick up her soaking wet pussy and tell Joe to get back in that asshole of hers. She tells me shes never done a DP before. I told shell like it. I can feel Joe go back into her asshole because Yumis already tight cunt feels like a rubber band around my dick. I can feel Joe thrusting up into her starfish because the skin between her rectum and cunt is thin; it actually feels quite good. Yumis face is clenched up in what initially looks like sever pain, shes holding in her breath as Joe and I alternately thrust up into her. She lets out a huge moan accompanied by her gorgeous smile and kisses me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. We are double pumping her for only a minute or so when I can tell shes coming. She starts to violently shake and moans, EEEE—COOOO! She dumps the biggest squirt Ive ever gotten out of her. She normally leaves a huge spot but this keeps coming; its a gusher this time. Shes lying limp on top of me while Joe and I keep furiously fucking her. She doesnt have any energy and is just taking our thrusts now. I can feel my balls tighten up and just before I let off she comes again. I ejaculate right when she does and Inside her cunt I can feel our juices mix together. Joe says he cant come yet and is a bit weirded out because our balls slap. I pull out of Yumi and rest her on my pelvis, spreading her ass out for him. I tell to pump away and brick in her. He drops the hammer down on her and just when I think she cant take any more rectal abuse he pulls out drops a load on her back. We had another laugh and shared a shower together. Later on that night, after Yumi and I fuck a few more times, Joe came in for a few minutes from his watch. I instructed her to suck him off which she eagerly did. Her only request was that she didnt swallow his cum. I was okay with that. I watched her spit his nuts into the sink and then brush her teeth. Joe would bring his matching girl over other times when Yumi came over but that girl of his wasnt interested in mixed couples. I would have Yumi sometimes suck Joe off when hes waiting for his girl to arrive. To my knowledge, that girl never knew that Yumi would drain his balls before she would arrive. I miss Japan. fruitbat78
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