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What Google Can Teach You About High Def Porn Movies

2015.05.18 04:26

YaniraMcIlveenydqa 조회 수:1757

This is the second part to this GWS post, featuring /u/bos224
I promise, this one's much raunchier.
This man and I have insane chemistry in and out of bed. I can’t get over it.
I was having a rough day. I had family therapy with my parents out in the middle of nowhere (because apparently that’s where the best in the biz go to practice) and was on my way back on the subway when I get the text from him that says "sooo I think you should come over tonight. you’ll be home tomorrow in more than enough time to get to work." Was this my first booty call with him? I think it was.
I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t going to get back to my apartment until almost 10, and I know how I get when I smoke a bowl. I get tired and dehydrated and loopy. Ah well. I caved in. He was at a friend’s place finishing up their Fantasy Football draft when I got home. I changed from my classy work clothes into jeans, boots, a t-shirt, and my glasses, and headed out. He was sitting in front of his computer packing the chillum with the best shit I’ve ever had.
Two hits in and I’m feeling it already. We’re sitting on his bed watching really dumb gaming let’s plays, and he reads my mind – "D’ya wanna go out for a cigarette?"
When we get back inside, I sit back down on the bed, and he curls up around me like a dog, his arms around my waist and my hand absentmindedly running my fingertips through his hair. A few times we shifted positions, and we ended up with me sitting upright, him behind me, with his legs around me, his arms encircling my waist, and his chin resting on my shoulder.
His beard started tickling me as he started kissing all up and down my neck. It was a tingling I’d only felt once before, and never to this degree. Weed tends to heighten my sensations, and I don’t even need to think about reacting – I just do.
His hands wandered as he continued to kiss my neck and shoulders. One hand between my legs and one hand on my left breast, toying with and pinching my nipple. I moaned and leaned back on his chest. Soon it got to be too much for me to handle. I quickly turned around and kissed him furiously. I had never actually physically needed someone as much as I needed him at that moment.
I could feel his rock hard cock through his shorts as I pushed him roughly onto the bed and kissed him hard. His hands ran up and down my back as I slowly grinded against his thigh. I moved my hips as he moved his, and we ended up dry-humping, but with me on top.
We were both breathing hard, panting, staring into each other’s eyes in giddiness and disbelief. I whispered, "I need your cock inside of me. Like, right the fuck now." And he gave a tiny, purring laugh. He breathed into my ear, "I’ll fuck you, only if you ride my face first."
I couldn’t strip out of my clothes faster. I’m prettyg shit out of me.
Finally he did slide his whole cock into me, and I gave an audible gasp of release. The head of his dick hit me right on my cervix, and he flexed that inimitable cock muscle that men have, and it pressed right along my top wall. He gave a few thrusts and then looked at me, shocked. I wondered if he was okay, and he just smiled and said, "I just need a minute." He went back to fucking me slowly and deliberately, until I was about to scream from the tension. He looked down at me and purred, "If I fuck you any faster, I’m gonna cum," to which I replied, "It’s only fair, after all you’ve given me."
He needed no more persuasion. He fell forward onto me his arms wrapped around me, my legs wrapped around him. I was riding on this endless wave of orgasmic euphoria, and I felt myself about to cum again – and as he yelped into my neck, I bucked hard against him. We were dripping sweat, messy, covered in my juices, and breathing like we had just run a 5k (because let’s be real: smoking stoners like us couldn’t handle anything more than that).
He was still so surprised that I had made him cum so quickly. We were cuddling and kissing, when all of a sudden I felt a shift in his body. There was more urgency to it, and just as I was thinking this, he giggled slightly, and said, "I’m so fucking horny for you … again. But the problem is, that I’d fuck you again in a heartbeat – but we used our last condom." I smiled a small, conspiratorial smile, and whispered into his ear – "Well, I suppose I just have to blow you. That’s the only reasonable solution here."
So I did. I took my time. I played with his pressure points, using my tongue to stroke up and down, and absolutely soaking his cock with my saliva. It was that thicker spit, that slippery stuff that works as well as the best lube. Every now and then, I let him out of my mouth and started to give him a gentle handjob, relaxing my wrist into a fluid motion, focusing on the head. He moaned and gasped alternately, and I lapped up the praise. When I’d finished teasing and edging him, I started to deepthroat, pressing the head of his cock down the back of my throat, knowing that that’s how to get him to cum the fastest. I felt his legs spasming and saw his fingers gripping the sheets. He let out a weak shout, more of a cry, and his whole body shook as I kept him in my mouth, still stroking with my tongue, draining every drop out of that gorgeous cock.
It wasn’t even that late, at this point. Everything happened so fast, like it was completely natural and pre-orchestrated in our bodies. We turned on Eleven’s iconic episode, "The Pandorica Opens," and cuddled. It’s so curiously difficult to cuddle with him, because even if we’re trying to pay attention to what we’re watching, we can’t keep our goddamn hands off each other. Like, we need to be as physically close as humanly possible. I’m pretty sure if we could meld into the same being, that wouldn’t even be enough.
But after the episode finished (and after we had writhed in absolute feels, because, you know, the Ponds), we attempted to go to bed, since we both had work the next day. As we tangled our limbs again, my head on his chest and his hands running through my hair, I realized that I was forcefully trying to fall asleep. Seeing as how similar we’d been up to this point, I asked him, "Are you like, trying to make yourself fall asleep?" to which he chuckled and said, "Yeah, are you?"
This made me dissolve into giggles and cuddle him harder, which led to more absentminded handsy-ness. We were both naked, again, at this point, and as I draped my legs over his, his hand slid down to my pussy, still soaked, and he started toying with my clit, and gently, he slid two fingers inside of me. I gave a squeaky moan, moving my hips as he used his palm against my clit and his fingers inside of me to quickly elevate me to almost orgasm. He stopped short just as he felt my muscles tense up, doing the same edging on me that I had done to him earlier. He was kneeling next to me, almost over me, but his cock was standing straight to attention and was resting on my torso. As he rocked my hips back and forth, he moved his hips to stroke his head and shaft against my body. As I came for the third time (at this point, I’m not even sure if I was cumming or just in one continuous state of orgasm), he shuddered and gasped, "You’re gonna make me cum again," and as he continued to work his fingers inside of my pussy, I felt his sticky hot cum squirt out all over my stomach and breasts, and I moaned like the little cum slut that I am.
I looked at him in disbelief as he grinned. "I don’t even have to touch you, and you cum," I said in a shaky, hoarse voice. He shook his head, leaned down to my lips, and whispered into my mouth, "That’s how much getting you off turns me on."
Third time must have been a charm, because we passed the fuck out spooning, after cleaning each other off and re-entangling ourselves.

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