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Hidden Answers To Sbaionettato Revealed

2015.05.18 20:45

KristianBroadus 조회 수:959

Throw away account here. I just was highly amused by an account existing just for my few embarrassing stories about sex being named after an animal that can not get laid to save its species. Anyway, sorry about this, just to warn you, this will likely be pretty long. It was the first summer we had in a while. Amy had work that kept her busy all last summer at the mom and pop grocery store in our home town. Amy was a hard worker. She was determined, strong willed, passionate and ambitious. She had plans in her life and was going after them, if you were in her way she would find a way around you, over you, or through you. Damn it was sexy. Amy had sandy blond hair she kept in a pony tail. I had been with her for four years at this point and I think the only time I had ever seen it down was for graduation. I am not a smart man. I didnt recognize her with it down. Her eyes were a dark green, with a small ring of light brown in the center that almost looked like gold. Grim determination showed in them at all times. To this day shes still the only other person I know that can keep calm under fire in a way that makes me jealous. I normally dont spend much time talking about how someones body looks when writing, but seeing as thats what were most interested in here I suppose I should go into detail. She was 56 making her a little taller than most of the other girls where we met, but not by much. Just enough to stick out of the crowd. She had a lean, muscular body. Each morning she would wake up with three hundred sit up and two hundred push ups. Im ashamed to admit she was stronger than me. She didnt get bulky though. Her muscle just grew defined and more dense. I think that might have been because she had been studying tae kwon do for a few years by this point. Despite her strength though, her body was still very much that of a woman. Her legs were long and lean, leading up to curvaceous and womanly hips and a classical hourglass figure. Somehow she had managed to maintain her breasts even when we had stepped up training, keeping her wonderful C-cup. More than enough to get a handful, but not so large as to get in the way of our non-sexual activities. While Amy had been working, I had taken courses at the community college every single semester since we graduated high school I wanted to get the general education required by the state out of the way as quickly and cheaply as possible. Rather than spending $20k my freshman year, I spend a couple hundred and still earned just as many credits that would go towards my degree when I transferred to another school that was more prestigious. Another benefit to this community college, the courses available read like a bad 70s super villain training manual. I was enrolled in aikido, jujitsu, judo and tai chi every year. Thanks to this, even though I was weaker than Amy, I was still in pretty decent shape. We reversed things a little. She was stronger, to make up for it I was faster and more limber. Amy and myself looked unfortunately very similar. When we met people for the first time more often than not theyd compliment us on being such great siblings, thinking we were brother and sister that got along well rather than lovers. I stood 59 my hair was slightly lighter than Amys with a slight tinge towards red instead of brown like hers. I kept it cut short thanks to having many nieces and nephews in my family thave been. Amy always had an exhibitionist streak. Her strongest orgasms always came when we would sneak in a quicky in some place we might get caught. I was pretty sure this had something to do with it and I was totally about to get some. Again, even though I had been with her for years I also really liked any chance I could get to see her body. My friends grin was also pretty darn huge at that point to. Simultaneously he and I responded Go for it. with maybe a little too much excitement. Amys cheeks instantly turned red. Despite being a bad ass, and an exhibitionist she was also fairly bashful at times. Well I dont want to do it alone. You guys up here staring at me will make it creepy. What should we do about it then? my friend asked, already well aware of what we needed to do. Well I thought itd be fun if we all did it together… she said nervously; terrified of some latent jealous streak I might have. Damn was she wrong. Im not doing it unless Ling is. he replied, quickly making it entirely my fault if there was suddenly no fun to be had. I looked between the two of them and didnt say a word. I stared for a good fifteen seconds back and forth between them both as Amy started to look more and more nervous, and my friend more uncomfortable. Once I had taunted them enough, I quietly walked to the water side, dropped my shorts and waded out into the water, then turned around quickly for a chance to get to watch Amy walking into the freezing cold water without her suit. I was not disappointed. Her skin was a little pale in the areas I was looking for and stood out easily in the moonlight. I could see the goosebumps forming on her skin as her little pink nipples stiffened. The water caused her to stumble now and again as she tried to find stable rocks, rewarding my attention with a pleasing bounce of her breasts. Nothing else in the world existed for far longer than Id like to admit. Then I heard my friends voice. Hey, you get to see that all the time, snap out of it. he said, standing about a foot to my side, pretending like he wasnt just watching her with me. I shook my head for a bit to get my bearings back and waited for her to swim over to us. From there on for the next hour there wasnt really any difference. We were all neck deep in the water, talking just like we had been any other time. It was completely comfortable and natural, as if we were just swimming exactly like we were in the sunlight. Except now I had a raging boner. My friend started to make his way back to shore to get towels for everyone, and I noticed Amy watching him as he swam away. Taking our short moment of pirvacy while naked I swam to her side, put my arms around her and gave her a hungry kiss. The message was pretty clear. I am going to fuck you like crazy tonight. She responded to my nonverbal declaration of lust in a rather simple way that also conveyed her thoughts perfectly. She grabbed my shaft with one hand, giving it a slow stroke before sliding me between her thighs so the top of my dick rubbed along her labia. Damn right you will. Once the towels were recovered we walked out of the water too, wrapped ourselves up and went to sit by the fire. Thank you guys for doing that… I was afraid it would be weird but with the two of you it seems okay you know? Amy explained. Like it could have been really awkward but with you guys you made it like it wasnt a big deal. it was really comfortable. Yeah, this actually is pretty comfortable. I agreed. Like its kind of natural. I guess there is a reason they call them naturalists then. was the obvious pun responded with by my friend. Which reminds me Ling, seriously dude did you have an erection coming out of the water? I clammed up and quickly looked to the fire. You know how theres that thing where people say cold water causes shrinkage? Amy asked. He has the exact opposite effect. Seriously. I tried giving him a cold shower once to calm down and he just ended up jumping out of their and nailing me hard against the wall. They both broke into laughter, and I myself just snickered quietly. Amy loved to do things like that to me. I was a very calm person most of the time, capable of taking a lot more than most, and Amy just loved to see that placid demeanor break so I would pounce on her. It was part of the reason I liked her. Sure she would play a dangerous game, but she was stronger than me. If she didnt want me to do something she could protect herself. I could let myself slip once in a while. Well good for you then! my friend chuckled. In that water I think I sucked up inside. Its freezing. he looked over to Amy. Hey since youre not using it, can i have your bikini top now that Im a girl? Pfff, even if you were shrunk down dude youre still probably packing half a bus in there. I responded, deciding maybe someone else should be getting the embarrassing stares for a few moments. Okay so many stating you have a giant dick isnt going to embarrass him, but it drew attention away from me dammit. Before my friend could respond Amy replied. Her voice didnt contain a hint of an attempt to be sultry or sexy. This wasnt a seduction… at least not yet. She was simply curious. Why dont you guys stand up and let me compare? she asked. I stared in shocked silence much longer than I would like to admit. My friend actually began to blush as well. Something rare for him. Amy quickly balked and shook her head, turning even more pale. That.. .that was a dumb suggestion. she started before quickly changing her story. It was just a joke! she said, faking a laugh to try and distance herself from it. It was too late though, the idea was there. My friend and I looked back and forth between each other for a moment before nodding. Without a word we both stood in front of her on the opposite side of what was left of the fire from her, the sliver of the moon was the only light. Having been out there for a few hours our eyes had adjusted. We felt confident no one walking past would see anything. Down went the towels, and down went Amys eyes. She gave me the usual cursory glance she gave me whenever I was bare in front of her. She would always try to sneak peeks but never wanted to just outright stare. She was a catholic girl, had to keep up an air of decency. Her eyes lingered in the usual places. The time we had spent talking made this seem a much more natural thing and Ill admit that was more the cause of the reason I wasnt flying full staff anymore by the time it came to this. There I was, standing stark naked on the shore of the American river with a girl inspecting my junk while standing next to a guy I knew for about eight years and I felt completely comfortable. Weird isnt it? The comparison wasnt even fair though. I wasnt entirely exaggerating about my friend. I have seen more than one girl drag him away at a party only the be seen a few minutes later fleeing the scene. To quote a conversation wed had before Everyone thinks its great, but I still have two virgin inches. Amys eyes strayed back and forth between us both for a few moments, the color returning to her face, followed by an extra blush. Neither of you are… uhm… up. Its not really a comparison. Im just kind of staring at your flaccid junk. She certainly didnt stop staring though. I started to speak for just a moment before the fear caught my throat. Once I crossed this line there would be no going back. There would be no passing it off as a joke. I was putting it out there. My blood was running hot, I could feel my skin tingling and butterflies turning in my stomach as adrenaline shot through me. Part of me wanted to suggest it, but the other part of me didnt want to risk scaring this wonderful woman out of my life with a sick request, or risk alienating one of the few close friends I had that could put up with me. Amy noticed the struggle right away and moved a little closer, non-verbally informing me she was alright with whatever I was going to say. I took a deep breath again. I could feel my cheeks burning. I meant to deliver the line with cool grace like how you hear about whenever someone talks about their sexual exploits, but my brain was too busy screaming at me this had to be a trap of some kind. Y-you uhhh… you can… you can get us… I paused again as the fear started to win out but I fought through. can get us up. I sputtered and squeaked. Amys face lit up in a devious smile once she had permission. This suddenly did become a seduction. Something more than the idle curiosity of youth. She untucked her towel and let it drop to her feet as she stepped towards us. A little late I looked over to my friend to make sure he was on board with this… something I should likely have checked before giving my girlfriend permission to fondle him. His eyes were locked on Amys chest as she slinked towards us. I figured that the look of unchecked lust on his face was an agreement this was okay. I quickly looked back to Amy. She was obviously the much more interesting sight anyway after all. She had her lower lip caught between her teeth, still clearly nervous about the whole thing, even if she was the instigator. Our eyes locked together and I gave her a quick nod, intending to let her know I was okay with all of this. As soon as she was in range she reaches her arms out for me first. I quickly stepped in and wrapped my arms around her to pull her into a tight embrace. Before I could kiss her her lips found my neck, and she began to nibble eagerly while sucking along the skin. My hands slid down her body, trailing across her skin all the way down until I grabbed her ass, dug my fingers into the firm flesh and lifted her up just a little while pressing her body harder into mine. I could feel goosebumps still on her cold skin, and for some reason that just turned me on more. I growled as she bit down hard, mixing just a little pain and pleasure together and that certainly did the trick of getting my other brains attention. Within a few seconds I could feel my dick harden, raise up and press against the smooth skin of her shaved mound. It was something she first started doing years ago for swimming, but even after she was no longer part of that sport, she kept up the practice apparently because she was addicted to the feeling of my lips and tongue against her skin when she had just shaved. When my head pressed against her freshly shaven skin I felt a little shiver run through her body, which caused her to give an adorable little surprised gasp that broke her seal on my neck. Suddenly freed I went for her lips again with renewed energy. One arm slid up from her butt to her shoulders and I twisted just a little so I could lean her back into a dip while I pressed my lips to hers, once I felt hers part I slipped my tongue just past them and for a period of time I couldnt keep track of we both stayed like that. Skin pressed to skin, her hard nipples against my chest as I leaned over her, lips and tongue wrestling each other with a desperate energy trying to display in equal parts the tender care I held for her and the over riding need our bodies had at that moment to fuck each other raw. Eventually Amy double tapped me on the shoulder. Thanks to our training it was an almost subconscious thing at this point to release the other from anything we were doing and help them to their feet. I leaned back and helped place her weight back over her feet before reluctantly parting our lips with one last hungry growl as I took my turn catching her lip playfully between my teeth before letting go and stepping away. Amy giggled and shifted her hips as she caught her breath, not quite looking me in the eye just yet. The shifting of her hips was another subconscious cue of hers I knew telling me she was wet and ready. On more than one occasion I had seen that wiggle in places we couldnt both slip away. If I couldnt deliver for her she would slip away somewhere quiet for a few minutes and come back to whisper in my ear where it was she had just taken care of herself. Well… I think Im hard enough to cut a diamond now after that… I admitted. I think its your turn. I looked over to my friend and found that he was already up as well, openly rubbing himself slowly while we had made out it seems. If thats how were getting ready to compare Im all for it! my friend chuckled before pursing his lips jokingly towards Amy. Just try to be more gentle on my neck, if I come home with hickies like his Ill have to come up with some story about blow job witches or something. Amy grinned up at him and shook her head. I doubt I could reach anyway. she said, being more than a foot shorter than him might have made it difficult admittedly. She then reached out gingerly, letting the tips of her fingers barely dance across his waiting member while she continued her teasing tone. And it looks like all my work is done for me. Both of our dicks gave a quick jump at that little touch from her before she took a few steps back to compare the difference. Amys eyes locked on my friends rod like I had figured they would. Is all of that supposed to be for one person? she asked after almost an entire minute of appraisal. My friend was much smoother with these kinds of lines than I was, or still am unfortunately. Well if you can find a way for me to fit two girls on at once youd save me a lot of trouble. Personally Im not exactly small, but Im not really that large either. I am almost exactly in the average position, but no matter how turned on I would get, my measurement going anywhere from 5.75 to 6 inches was no match for my friends. I looked back and forth between us and then back to Amy. So… uhhh who wins? I asked jokingly. Amys attention slowly snapped away from the sight before her before she looked over to me. Well I think in size… theres not much of a contest. Like I said. with a chuckle. My friend threw his arms up in the air in victory before strutting like a rock star with his hands on his hips. Yay I win! Uh… what do I win? Do I get a prize? I looked over at him and laughed. I think you get enough prizes with just having that. Amy walked over and with one finger pressed to my lips she silenced the torrent of jokes that sbaionettato were about to start spewing between the two of us. I blinked a few times and looked her in the eye, as I could feel the butterflies returning to my stomach. I said he wins in size. Were not done comparing yet. she said. My jaw went slack as I realized what she was talking about. Grabbing a firm hold of my shaft with her off hand she moved me into a position next to a rock she was using as a bench, and with the other hand extended two fingers and pulled them towards her to tell my friend to follow. My friend stared on in stupefied awe for several seconds as a slow dawning realization crept into both of our thinking brains about what was going on and he quickly headed over. Amy placed us both right next to each other so she could sit comfortably enough and began to stroke us both slowly. How many other tests do we need? I asked nervously. Amy leaned forward and licked the underside of my shaft from base all the way to tip, nearly causing my knees to buckle. She wasnt the most technically skilled of the girls Ive been with when it comes to blow jobs, but that doesnt mean she wasnt great at them. Eagerness can go a long way. Well theres still taste, endurance, and of course how much I can feel it when you cum. she explained, this time turning her attention to lick my friend in the same way, which took quite a bit longer. His hand reached out to rest on the top of her head for balance as his knees almost gave out too. Off of reflex I grabbed his shoulder to steady him and much to my surprise the sight of that seemed to spark something in Amy as she gave a little moan. Youre very responsive. she giggled to my friend before looking back to me. What is it okay for me to do? she asked finally, now that we had crossed too many lines to stop now. I shook my head. Lets go with what your comfortable with. I said. Just tell us if we cross a line or something. One thing though, whatever else we get up to no actual sex without a condom. I stated firmly. They both nodded in agreement. Amy had a few things to add. Okay I can work with that. Also while Im blowing you, dont push my head down. she stated, another thing we could both agree to. With those things agreed on she started again in earnest, taking each of us into her mouth one at a time as deeply as she could. After a couple passes she took all of my into her mouth, pushing me just barely into her throat as she swallowed, pressing her tongue hard against the underside of my shaft while she bobbed her head back and forth. Then she pulled away with a loud pop that Ill admit made me giggle and tried to do the same for my friend. It was a challenge doomed to failure from the beginning. She took about as much in as i had, and started to gag. Back came her head, and she would push forward again. She tried several times before he grabbed her pony tail and pulled her back, looking down deep into her eyes in a strangely intimate moment he shook his head. Dont make yourself sick, just do what feels good. She nodded and smiled to him. Okay… but before this summer is up Im going to get this whole thing down some how. Even if its with my mouth Im getting those last inches of virginity. she explained. All three of us broke into laughter as she expressed her challenge, she looked to me again for permission, a little late before I nodded. Itll be fun to watch you try. I chuckled. Ammy continued, taking turns on both of us. Whenever she had one of us in her mouth she would use her spit to keep us lubed as she stroked the other, taking up the skill to please two men at once rather quickly. I started to grow close and i think she could feel it because she pulled away again and licked her lips before staring me directly in the eye to make sure she had my attention. He breath was fast and ragged at this point and the look in her eyes was pure, hungry, needing lust. Fuck me. she pleaded. I want to feel you in me when I cum. she purred. I wanted to right there. I wanted to slide on my back and watch her suck him off while I felt her quiver on my dick. I was about half way to laying down before I managed enough self control to stop. I left my condoms in the car… can you wait for me to get one and come back? I asked hopefully. She shook her head emphatically and looked up to my friend with the same needful begging expression. He shook his head as well. Mine are in the car too… Amy growled in frustration and began jerking both of us faster. Fuck! she shouted. One of you guys hurry up and cum so one of you guys can finger me then. I shook my head and dropped to my knees next to her. If you have any inquiries about where by and how to use sbaionettato, you can get in touch with us at the webpage. I was into this, but I wasnt ready yet to risk having to hold her close after my friend blew a load all over her. My hands slid across her skin, starting at her shoulders and moving around to her chest before sliding down her abdomen slowly. Even if I was down here to make her cum, it didnt mean I wasnt going to tease her some. Her breathing grew more rapid as I scooted down a little more to bring my body somewhat in line with hers. She knew what was coming, I let my warm breath dance across the skin of her chest, then just when I could tell she had him as deep in her mouth as she could manage I licked her nipple and slid my fingers inside of her, curling them towards the front. She was so wet I didnt even have to work my fingers in over time like usual. She was hot and ready. The reaction was an instant surprised but happy moan not quite escaping her lips because of the dick in the way, which vibrated her lips and tongue and throat, causing my friend to also moan at the same time from the sensation. Realizing I could affect them both at once by just going after her was far too much fun. I doubled up my efforts on her, moving my fingers faster until I could hear the wet shlick from between her legs. My hand was soaked in her and I loved it. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and pressed into her back with my free hand to help push her breasts harder towards me. Her moans grew louder and more insistent, dragging my friend along with her. I got a little over eager though, in just a little over a minute she stopped sucking on him, pulling her head away so she could breathe while her body threw itself into an ecstatic state. I wasnt about to slow down though, I loved seeing her in that state. She flung her arms around me, nearly crushing the air from my lungs before digging her nails into my back. She begged me to go faster and even though my hands were exhausted I obliged, pushing through the burning pain building in my for arms. She released my body from her grip, giving me a moment to finally take a deep breath before her lips blocked it. She grabbed my face with both hands, pulled me away from her chest and planted a hungry kiss right on my lips, slipping her tongue into my mouth. I returned the kiss, too lost in the moment to realize exactly what was happening at the moment. She moaned against my lips once more before I felt her muscles clench down on my fingers. Every muscle in her body started to spasm, I had to hold her tight with my free arm to keep her from falling over. I didnt slow down in the least though. I enjoyed watching her muscles tighten and relax almost at random while I felt her squeeze tight against my fingers inside of her. She wasnt a girl that would squirt, but she certainly would get dripping wet if she was hot enough, or if I could get her to orgasm long enough. I worked hard to do it this time, pushing her to the very edge of what her body could take. I lost track of how long we were there, our lips together as she tried to moan explatives around our kiss hands grabbing for anything they could get a hold of. She made a grab for my hair a few times and I found myself grateful I kept it cut so short. She left a few claw marks on my ribs and shoulders before she was finally spent. Her body finally went limp against mine after one last shudder and I slowly pulled my fingers out of her while pulling her close to me so I could support her weight. She gave a long contented sigh and continued to rest there for a few moments while my head finally cleared up and I remembered where we were. I looked over my shoulder and my friend was staring at the both of us with hungry admiration. He looked at her, then back to me and just shook his head. That was the fucking hottest porn Ive ever seen. he chuckled after a few moments. A quiet and embarrassed giggle came from Amy as she nuzzled against my neck again, slowly getting some energy back to move. With the haze out of my mind I suddenly realized why her kiss tasted so different. I blinked a couple times and looked at my friend, then nuzzled back into Amys neck as well. Did you just kiss me while giving another man a blow job? I asked, not bothering to hide the shock and surprise from my voice. My friend suddenly realized this too and I could see his back stiffen as he was suddenly worried things just got too awkward to continue. Amy nodded slowly, still nuzzled against my shoulder, another embarrassed giggle escaped her and I could feel her face warm up again from a blush. Sorry… she squeaked quietly. I obviously couldnt stay mad at her like that. Having the strongest woman I knew curled up against me acting so girlish and embarrassed just made that too cute to stay mad. I smoothed her hair against he back and chuckled. And my back and cheeks are really sticky right now because you still had some of us on your hands from before isnt it? … mayyyyybe. She replied bashfully, hiding her face from me by nuzzling herself even closer to my neck, causing her short, nervous breaths to blow across my skin. I could see my friend shifting again nervously. I turned my head and kissed Amys neck gently. She may have been aggressive and gone after it hard when she was hot and bothered, but after she came she liked to be pampered and treated gently. The shift from warrior to princess in her was a source of endless entertainment for me. Thats actually kind of hot. I love it when you get out of control like that. I said quietly, letting her go lowly to see if he could support herself. Once I was sure she wouldnt fall over and hit her head on the rock I stood the rest of the way, still hard as a rock and now leaking enough precum to drip onto the rocks below. Looking down I could see a small puddle of her fluids too where she sat. Actually that is really hot… you arent going to… uhh leave us like this? Are you? I asked tilting my head towards my friend. After getting us so turned on? My friend relaxed almost instantly, and Amy uncovered her face, the bashful smile still present now that she didnt have her bodys need to cum making her more bold. She was still breathing hard and I could see a sheen of sweat still beading along her skin in the moonlight. I didnt know about my friend but I knew I wasnt going to last much longer from here. Amy nodded and resumed stroking us both, slowly as she still didnt have her strength back. She looked up at me as she gave me another lick, already nearly taking me to the edge. Can I let him cum in my mouth? she asked sweetly. I nodded an agreement and she quickly turned her attention to him, always impatient to try something new. I stepped back so I could watch the show entirely. My friend had to bend his knees a little to bring himself to a comfortable angle for her. She looked amazing from that angle I found. The arch of her back in the moonlight, still glistening with sweat from her work, her ponytail was matted to her shoulders. She used her hands at his base so he could have full stimulation. Yes it took both of her hands. She didnt stroke him though, she had both hands together and was flexing her fingers and rotating her hands in opposition of each other while running her thumbs along his underside. She bobbed her head back and forth quickly, and I could see her cheeks sucked in a little, now and again she would make a slurping noise as the seal of her lips broke suction. Suddenly my friend grabbed Amys shoulders as a warning of what was happening. Amy stopped moving her head, though I could see her tongue working. His cock pulsed hard as he threw his head back and she milks ever last drop into her mouth with her hands, sucking him dry. When he finally stopped pumping more and more cum into my girlfriends mouth she finally let him go with a loud pop. To my amazement she had managed to swallow every bit. Without a second of hesitation Amy jumped up to her feet, strolled to me and dropped back down on her knees, taking me in her mouth with an abundance of energy. Thanks to having just gotten a mouthful of cum, her tongue was even more slick that usual and glided easily across my skin as she sucked hard. I opened my eyes for a moment to look over and see my friend just watching the both of us, where my cock and her lips met, the technique she applied. He had the biggest grin on his face. It wasnt even a minute before I could feel my climax coming. I looked Amy in the eyes again, enjoying the sight of her on her knees in front of me. Can I cum on your tits? I asked. Being well aware of the eyes on my this time, as opposed to before I wasnt quite feeling the alpha male I had when I was finger banging her. Amy nodded and pulled her head back, grinning maniacally. She began to stroke me fast and hard, using her spit as lubrication to increase sensation. She may not have had the most skill when it game to blowjobs, but she was by far the best with her hands out of any girl Ive been with. In just a few seconds I felt my dick pulse in her hands carrying the first shot a little high, tagging her across the chin and neck, the next few landed on their target though, painting her chest in slick white streams one after the other. I just couldnt stop cumming. I was certain I was going to shrivel up and dry away for a few seconds before my knees suddenly gave out on their own causing me to fall back on my butt in front of Amy, giving me a full view of her now. Her chest and jawline covered in my cum. I let myself fall back a little more flat out onto my back and looked up at the stars. That was amazing. I sighed as I stretched. Great for you, you arent covered in cum. Amy chuckled. Seriously I thought you were going to do like… half of this. I looks sbaionettato at Amy again and smiled. You look amazing like that. You should walk around like that more often. Hes right. I think you should dress like that all week actually. my friend grinned. Well Im getting cold. Can you guys help me clean up? I nodded and sat up. Sure, but let is take in the sight a little longer. I grinned. I want to remember how you look right now forever. Sorry, I used to be a sappy little bastard. The moonlight on yours body right now makes your curves stand out, and I love the shine on your skin. Youre a work of art. They both looked at me for a moment like i was insane, but Amy didnt disagree. Both my friend and I took in the sight one more time before he threw me a towel and I started to wipe her down, sending Amy back into the river once before wiping her down again to make sure she wasnt sticky. Without any more words we gathered our things and piled into the car to go home. I realized then, we still had an entire week ahead of us where this could happen again. linglingthepanda
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