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Why Ignoring High Def Porn Mobile Will Cost You Sales

2015.05.18 11:32

YaniraMcIlveenydqa 조회 수:1037

Let me start off with some background info. I am currently 23. When I was 16, a new family moved in next-door. I immediately found myself attracted to the mom of the family. Lets call her Julia. She was around 5’ 10", with a very curvy figure. She had C-cup tits that were unbelievably perky. Her hair was brown and shoulder length and her eyes were bright green. Now, as hot as this woman was, her husband was very much the opposite. He was very chubby with a red face, glasses, and a balding head. I, for the life of me, could not figure out how they were together. I felt like Ben Wyatt reacting to Jerry and Gayle from Parks and Rec. Anyways, she was incredibly hot, and she quickly turned into my ultimate fantasy. Every time she mowed the lawn in her short shorts and tight tank top, I found a reason to go outside. Over the years, I would even purposely do things in my yard shirtless if I knew she was outside. I thought I had caught her watching me once of twice but convinced myself I was imagining it. I never had the courage to do anything other than that or some mild flirting when we bumped into each other. I didn’t think anything would ever actually happen in my wildest dreams. Fast forward to now, I just recently moved back home after graduating college. I am saving up money to get my own place and plan on moving out in about a year. Over the past few months I have been more bold in my communications with Julia. Since going to college I have had several sexual experience that greatly boosted my confidence. I figured, I’m not going to live in this neighbor-hood much longer, so why not go for it? Even with this new attitude, I still did not think anything would really happen. Regardless, I made many efforts to accidentally ‘bump’ into Julia to make small talk. When we did talk, we would have very pleasant conversations about random things such as my future plans, or her work. I would make her laugh often and more than once she would casually touch my arm. I started to think maybe I wasn’t imagining things after all. One day when we were chatting, I mentioned something about Game of Thrones. She said she had heard good things about it but had never seen it, though she wanted to. I told her I had it on blu-ray and suggested we watch it sometime. She said she would love to and that she would get back to me on a good time. Now, I really thought this was just one of those things that you planned to do with someone but never actually got around to. I was however mistaken. Now, I live in New Hampshire and over the last few days we have been hammered with snow. Like, a ridiculous amount of snow. So, the other day I was out shoveling my driveway when I noticed Julia struggling to do the same. I walked over and offered to give her a hand, to which she gladly accepted. After an hour or so of shoveling Julia invited me inside for some hot chocolate as a thank you. Now, my heart was beating super fast and I was incredibly nervous, but I tried to play it cool. Before we went inside thought she brought up how we never got around to watching Game of Thrones. I told her I could go get it now and we could watch the first episode, to which she eagerly replied yes. I ran across the street and frantically searched for season one of GoT, fearing for a few minutes I had lost it. By the time I got ball to the ground. After catching her breath Julia turned me around and got on her knees. She undid my pants and pulled out my throbbing cock. Now, I’m not huge, but girls have been very appreciative of my 7 and a half inch dick in the past. Julia was no exception. Her eyes grew wide as she began to stroke me. There was already a fair bit of pre cum on the head of my dick and Julia eagerly lapped it up causing me to fall backwards against the wall. I am uncircumcised, so blow jobs were always very intense for me. Julia licked me all over, even taking both my balls into her mouth at one point. Almost the entire time she stared me right in the eyes and it drove me crazy. I grabbed her hair and began to guide her deeper. She began to moan the moment I did this and I knew at that moment she liked to be dominated. Since I loved to dominate girls myself, I was overjoyed at this development. I began to thrust my hips pushing myself deeper down her throat and she moaned louder in response. After a few seconds she pulled my cock out and gave me the most seductive look I had ever seen. "I want you to fuck my mouth.." She said. I did not need telling twice and immediately began to pump my cock into her waiting mouth. I went deeper than before as I increased my speed and almost got my entire cock down her throat. She gagged a bit but I could tell she liked it from her motions and moans. After a few minutes of this I pulled out and told Julia I needed to fuck her. She stood up and led me the rest of the way into her bedroom. As she walked to the bed she pulled off her tank top and undid her bra. I finished getting naked myself and crawled into bed with her. I was mesmerized by how perky her tits were despite the fact that she was approaching 50. She had small pink nipples that begged to be sucked. I took them both into my mouth while fingering her at the same time. I sucked intensely and also bit them a bit. After I was done I decided to play with domination a bit more and see what I could get away with. I spun her around and pushed her onto her belly. Then I proceeded to rub my dick up and down her pussy. She was squirming and gripping the bedsheets tightly and told me to fuck her. I took her hair and leaned in close. I said, " Beg for it." She did not disappoint and proceeded to beg for my cock, saying she would be a good little slut and do whatever I wanted if I just fucked her now. I was loving the dirty talk and said something about her being a bad girl before finally sliding my dick into her. She was soaked at this point and though she was fairly tight I slid right in. She screamed out in pleasure once I was fully inside. I grabbed her hair and pushed her head into the pillow before I started to fuck her rapidly. I had to stop after a few minutes because I was worried I would cum to soon, and Julia took advantage of this moment to straddle me. She pushed me back and began to bounce up and down on my dick. Her huge tits were jiggling with every bounce and I leaned in to kiss them all over. While she was on top of me I reached back and stuck one of my fingers up her ass. Julia squealed in delight and told me to put more fingers in. I managed to squeeze three fingers in and proceeded to pull in and out her while she continued to bounce on my cock. After a minute or so she cam for a second time and ended up laying on me shaking slightly. Amazingly I hadn’t cum yet and told her I wanted to fuck her in the ass. She loved the idea and immediately got on all fours. I got out of the bed and pulled her hips over so she was at the edge. I then guided my cock into her ass and was met with the most amazing sensation. She was so incredibly tight and warm and I almost cam in one thrust. I was able to hold out for a few more minutes though and fucked her as hard as I could, slapping her ass and pulling her head back by the hair the whole time. At one point I wrapped my fingers around her neck and she told me she loved being treated like a dirty slut. I could feel myself starting to burst and gave it my all as she reached her third orgasam. I pulled her hips into me as I released more sperm then I have ever had in my life into her ass. After I pulled out she proceeded to lick the cum of my dick before cuddling up against me. [We stayed that was for a while, just holding each other and kissing occasionally. Eventually we got dressed and actually finished watching game of Thrones. During the Daenery’s sex scene in episode one she got aroused again and began to stroke my cock over my jeans. When the episode was over we ended up fucking again, though this time it was a quick fuck on the couch. After we talked and decided we would try this again as soon as we got the chance. I am so excited to see where this leads and can’t wait to experiment with more hardcore sex and anal play. I have a feeling Julia is into all kinds of freaky stuff. If this post does well I will post again after my next encounter with Julia. ForFun369 [4 comments]
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