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New Ideas Into Dépointerions Never Before Revealed

2015.05.18 07:45

KristianBroadus 조회 수:1271

this is my first time posting, though i've been a long time reader. i've got plenty of stories and always thought of jotting them down, but this weekend really needed to be shared - i consider this an overly long teaser... tell me if you want more! *and feel free to skip down to the next bold line for the sexy times - everything else is just setting up this epic weekend
some of you may have heard about the budlight's "up for whatever" campaign. a few weekends ago they basically bought out the town of crested butte and threw a fucking party for people that won a contest with a 10 second video describing how they were "up for whatever". music acts, free bud light eeeeverywhere. all of the bars and restaurants serving free food and drink to people that won the contest and locals that managed to score a "locals" wrist band. they put the contest winners up in the lodges near the mountain. it went on all weekend; people hiked, did yoga in the valley, hot tubbed in the streets and blacked the fuck out.
my good friend, unbeknownst to her, had entered during some happy hour thing in our city. she received and email at 4:30 pm on a thursday, stating that she had a flight to "Whatever, USA" booked for 7:30 am on friday morning. she was not quite up for whatever, so she called and made arrangements to show up with her plus one, sometime on saturday – arranging her own travel. she'd already given her plus one to another one of our good friends, but i couldn't pass up the opportunity to see this and decided to tag along. and by tag along, i mean i got roped into driving us 5 hours through the mountains, in my vehicle, just on an off chance that i could get into this very exclusive party, knowing full well that they were going to absolutely ditch me the second i couldn't get into something. my thought in all this was, at the very least, i'd have a hotel room for the night (staying in their accommodations) and would find some locals, not at the party to hang out with, potentially climb on top of and would have a good night regardless. i was, up for whatever, if you will.
we roll into town at about 5 pm on saturday and it is in full swing. there are people wandering around in 70's attire everywhere and lots of stumblers. it was magical. we walked right up to the front gates of the event and are told "there are absolutely no wrist bands available; we gave them all away yesterday. where were you then?" thanks asshole. we tried to ascertain information as to where contest winners could check in to receive information about getting in and were met with irritated glares from organizers not understanding how we were just getting to town, after the event had been full force for over 24 hours. while were were standing there, looking forlorn, some ski-bro, some beautiful, floppy haired local saw the distress in our faces. he walked up, put a clenched fist right in front of us and dropped a locals band into our hands. one singular locals band. in the same moment this happened, our friend finally got information from one of the organizers and we discovered that we had to get all the contest winner stuff from a hotel. and we got back into the car. after final check in, we got two contest winner entry bands, two bags of swag and a luxury hotel room with a kingw, but i was going to go back to the hotel room and dig into the bottle of vodka they left me… if you you… have any interest in joining me?" i'm pretty sure i caught an eyebrow raise as he mulled it over, "go back to your hotel room?" "yeah, i mean we've got free accommodations so i thought i'd take advantage." "excellent. i was actually planning on getting drunk and sleeping in my car, but that sounds a lot nicer! how about we have a few drinks down here while the bars are still open and see where the night takes us?" i was mildly irritated with his diplomacy, not knowing how long the hotel room would be vacant, but agreed enthusiastically and we headed to the bar.
drinking anything but budlight (dear god it's so gross), we got to know each other; jobs, interests, blahblahblah. we met another couple at the bar and the night started to get aggressive. shots of tequila, soco, making out and grinding on the dance floor, trying to get into the already closed up for the night hot tubs in the square, jump roping, groping and picture taking. after we'd had our fill of the chaos, we decided to head back to the hotel to see if the after party was still happening.
this is where it starts to get good. we hoped on the budlight express back to the hotel with about 80 other people. i had to sit on his lap due to "over crowding." i put an arm around him and played with his hair, he had his arms wrapped around me – one cupping my ass and the other lingering on my upper thigh, over my dress. we politely talked to the drunks around us but kept playing with one another and giving each other that "we're gunnna fuuuuaaaack" look. when we finally got back to the hotel, i was dying to rip his clothes off. we made out in the elevator, pushing our bodies back and forth between each wall, landing with a thud and grinding into each other. we raced to the hotel room and opened the door, excited about seeing a new body for the first time… but the lights and tv were on. my friends had made it back to the hotel room before me and were snuggled into bed, in their matching budlight sweatshirts with popcorn spewed in between them, huffing oxygen from the aerosols deposited to help the out-of-towners with altitude sickness. they both non-chalantly looked up from the episode of real housewives they were watching and stared at us. "oh hey. who's this?" "uhm, this is my friend joe. we uh, met at the party and he might crash here on the floor if thats cool?" "yeah, whatever." apparently, the fire department put the kibosh on the after party in the parking garage so there was nothing left to do but find a quiet place to make screamy sex noises.
next thing i know, we're on the pool level. don't ask me how we got there, the boring parts of the evening are increasingly blurry. i used the room key to get into the locker rooms, but the pool was locked tight for the night, deterring our plans to swim in our underwear for a second time that night. spotting my next plan of attack, i grabbed his hand and like 6 towels from a huge stack and pulled him into the men's locker room. it was game on.
immediately, we just melted into one another. it was like i couldn't get close enough to him. i dropped the towels and my hands were in his hair and pulling at the back us his shirt, needing him closer to me. he grabbed at the bottom of my sweater and ripped it off over my head and then his hand were at my hips. we were making out like it was the last thing we'd ever do and it was insane. it was like kissing somebody i'd been kissing my whole life. like he knew how i wanted to be kissed and how i wanted to be pulled at. his tongue met mine with matching force and speed, desperate for more. he slowly pulled my long dress up, collecting the fabric in his hands while keeping them pressed against my hips. when he finally found an opening, he pushed his hands under the cotton, touching my skin, gripping my hips and letting the dress fall over his wrists and back down around my thighs. feeling his fingertips dig into me was ecstasy. i just wanted to be pulled at, gripped, needed.
i have this thing where i like my body to be looked at. i'm a sexy, curvy girl, with a bit of softness. i'm a very attractive woman. i'm confident in this, but i'm also aware that i'm not a barbie, i'm not a tiny girl and my body isn't perfect. i revel in a man's touch. i get wet when i see his eyes on parts of me i love and feel his fingers pull at parts of me i don't. i become rabid when i see that look of lust in his eyes, i want him to see me naked and feel that desire. i want him to desire me.
i broke away from his mouth and playfully pushed him off me, my back still against the lockers and bit my lip while looking him earnestly in the eyes keeping intense, smirking eye contact. i hiked my dress up the same way he had had it in his hands, collecting the fabric until i held all of the skirt and started pulling at the cotton over my stomach and chest – gathering it and then crossing my wrists and pulling it off over head.
he looked me up and down, that rabidity showing in his face, pulled off his jacket and was back on me in an instant. i wasn't done with my show yet. i kissed him back and then grabbed his face and slowed him down. i kissed him softly. lightly with the tongue, slower pace, softer pressure and then pushed him until his back hit the opposing wall and he stumbled till he was sitting on the bench. he gazed up at me like he couldn't believe this was happening. like he'd never had a woman be so forward, so wanting. i walked over to him and put my right leg up on the bench and slowly slid it down to the opening on the other side, half straddling him. his hand had grabbed for my ankle as soon as it was in reach and he let it glide up the outside of my leg until it reached my ass, his fingers tearing into my flesh. my chest was right in his face, he was looking up at me, letting my hair create a curtain around us as he started to kiss my body. his other hand gripping at my back, pulling me towards him. i forced my breasts into his face, throwing my hair back, pushing his kisses into me harder and as i was arching my back, took off my bra. i swear he audibly gasped. one of those ex-then-inhales of sheer joy, with a little moan. he immediately stretched his mouth towards my nipples and started on the best form of torment. one hand on my chest, working my tits into his mouth, licking my nipples, biting the sides – and his other hand still at my ass. his fingers were tracing my slit over my underwear and then back to gripping the fat part of my ass, letting his fingertips slide under my panties, on my skin, towards my pussy. my hands were in his hair and scratching down his back as i stood there and squirmed. i couldn't take the "teasing" i was doing by keeping my body above his. i was just letting him molest me, i'd given him the power. i couldn't stand this "show" i was putting on anymore and had to close the distance between my cunt and his lap. i had to feel his hard dick between my legs. i reached over him to grab the back of his tshirt and pulled it over his head, his arms instinctively and excruciatingly leaving my body to raise up and allow disrobing. the second his hands were free it was like i'd never made us slow down. i threw my other leg over his lap and the other side of the bench and pushed my crotch against his chest, grinding my wet pussy down his body until i was sitting in his lap.
good fuck that bulge. the second i felt him hard underneath me i think my whole body quivered. my mouth was on his in an instant, breathing my pleasure in little gasps into his mouth as i slowly started grinding on him. his hand clenched my back at my ribs and his fingers dug into me until they sunk under the lace waist band of my nude panties. he went full gripped, sliding them down until his hands were completely under my ass, fingertips teasing my slit. now it was his turn to take control.
with me completely wrapped around him on his lap, he stood up and pushed me right back against the lockers where we started. his hands and one of his legs supported my ass as i tightened my arms over his shoulder, locking them out and holding myself up. it was his turn to grind on me and he took no mercy, biting into my neck as the lockers slammed behind us. neither of us could take it anymore and we broke apart to finish the undressing that was keeping us from fucking proper. on my way down from his support, he grabbed my underwear and shoved them to the ground. i followed them and got to my knees in front of him to do my job. i ripped off his belt and dove one hand in to get a hold of his dick while the other one did the buttons on his fly. the second the restraints were released i pulled off the rest of his clothes and put my mouth exactly where i wanted. i couldn't even be bothered teasing him, i wanted to taste him so badly and put his whole cock in my mouth, relishing the flavor of precum and sweat. his dick was gorgeous. fucking thick and smooth and powerful. i could feel him flexing in my mouth as his hands were in my hair and he stifled moans. i was so wet i couldn't take it anymore, running one more flick of the tongue lightly from between his balls, up to the tip of his cock before slowly crawling past him and laying down on my back on the cold tile floor.
he was on me before i even blinked. our mouths met ferociously as i pulled at his neck and both his hands braced himself over me on the hard surface. he teased his cock against my (regrettably unwaxed and) untrimmed bush and down between my legs. i could feel the moisture of my spit on him meet with the wetness of my pussy, gliding his head over my clit and teasing my entrance. i bit his lip and reached for his cock, guiding him into me slowly. we both breathed a tandem sigh of ecstasy.
there is nothing in this world like the feeling of being filled. no matter how many times you've fucked or even if he's pregamed with a few fingers, the feeling of a hard and smooth new cock filling you to the hilt is indescribable. my hips instinctively pushed up to meet him as he forced himself down on me. i felt more of the weight of his body and the tightness of his abs, clenching himself into my clenching body. i threw my feet over his calves, binding us together and forcing my clit onto his pubic bone. i moaned into his shoulder as he dropped down to his forearms, cushioned by the towel's i'd strewn around the room, leveraging his body into mine. we thrashed into on another relentlessly. my clit swelling at each push, my vagina tightening around his thick fucking cock as he fucked me. there was no teasing, no casual polite thrusting; we just fucked like we couldn't do anything else. everytime i felt a whole pulse, from tip to hilt it was like the first time all over again. i couldn't keep it together. i ripped at his back with my fingers and squealed into his shoulder as i felt that familiar building. i pushed harder and he pushed back, grunting in to my hair, breathing down into my ear the sounds of his desire. i came. i came hard. i came to the point where every thing in my body was flexed, i was tensed around him and he kept fucking me as i throatily announced what my body couldn't stop doing. "oh god….uohuhooohi'mgunnafuckingcome…" as i pulsed around his dick, pulling it into me, kneading his flesh with each clenching wave of orgasm, holding my body up to his until i couldn't take it anymore. it had only been a few minutes but i couldn't have held it any longer and the second i started to relax again, he had slowed and i could feel the pain in my spine from the bone on tile i'd just subjected myself too. he started kissing me again, but eased out of me and laid down on my side, his dick pressed in between us and his hand on my stomach. he smiled through a kiss and said "you really know what you want and goddamnit that was so hot… but my fucking knees can't take this tile anymore. how about we switch it up…?" he bit along my neck and down to my chest before hoisting him self to a standing position and reaching his hands down to help me up. "i'm not sure i can stand right now that was so excellent." i whined with a laugh. "well you better get up and get a second wind because i'm not done with you yet… " i reluctantly let him pull me to my feet and embrace me tightly, getting excited again about what was next. god i love fucking a new man. you never know what might happen.
like i said, this is my first post and a considerable long teaser. i'll probably post more in a few days, regardless of whether or not anybody enjoyed my escapades – but let me know if you did! we boned like four more times that night, all over the locker room and showers and i'd love to share them with you

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